• About the Chamber

  • The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that serves to represent and promote the interests of the businesses in our community. We engage with community partners and offer programs to strengthen the business climate in the valley. The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce also serves the community by promoting our area as a destination for business, sports, and leisure travel including tournaments, competitions, trade shows, corporate meetings, and conventions to maximize additional overnight visitors, visitor expenditures, state and local tax revenues, and job opportunities.


    The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce champions our community’s quality of life and economic vitality through collaborative leadership and sound business advocacy.

    Vision Statement:

    The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce is the leader in creating a more vibrant and prosperous business climate in our region. We unify our community around objectives that will strengthen and grow our local economy, build business diversity and improve our quality of life.

    Core Values:

    • Business is an essential element of all successful communities. A community’s ability to prosper rests upon the foundation of a healthy economy.
    • The interests of residents, businesses, government, educators and the not-for-profit sector are inextricably bound together. All have a stake in the community’s success.
    • A regional approach to economic opportunities and issues is essential. For the region to be economically successful, the Wenatchee Valley must be economically successful 
    • In the conduct of our work, we strive to be an advocate for business, improve commerce, and add value to our members; we will be visionary and open to all possibilities and act with the strength of conviction even in the face of adversity.