• Advocacy Committee

    Vision: On behalf of more than 650 members of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Advocacy Committee advances issues of vital importance to the business community and our Valley. We are a proponent for wise investment and sustainable policies that foster economic growth, enhance our regions competitiveness in all markets, global and local alike, and upholds our Valley’s quality of life. 

    Purpose:  The Advocacy Committee (Committee) is appointed by the WVCC Board and is responsible for:

    • Annually establishing WVCC’s Public Policy and Guiding Principles by:
      • Reviewing issues of importance to the business community and our Valley
      • Identifying and setting priorities,
      • Reviewing and gaining approval from WVCC’s Board of Directors
      • Annually reviewing outcomes and incorporating key learnings in updated WVCC Public Policy and Guiding Principles
    • The WVCC Public Policy must uphold the organization’s mission and vision, and reflect WVCC core values.  It will serve as WVCC’s guide in establishing priorities and in communications with elected officials and influencers in the community.
    • Leading education efforts on issues and concerns that have an impact on the WVCC membership and the community
    • Serving as the host for the Coffee and Commerce events prior to the Washington Legislative Session and the Legislative Wrap-Up, subsequent the session. Both provide an opportunity for business leaders to communicate with legislators on key business and community issues.
    • Providing guidance to WVCC’s Community Lobbyists (if continued)

    Guiding Principles: The Committee will create the “Advocacy and Guiding Principles” document for Board’s consideration and approval. This document will be used for advocacy at the state level. It should be presented to the WVCC Board of Directors each year in October. The Board will need to establish a process for receiving recommendations on local issues.

    Structure: The WVCC Advocacy Committee will consist of up to 15 members. The Committee will have a leadership team that consists of WVCC Board members serving in the role of Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair.. The WVCC Board of Directors may delegate decision making authority to the Advocacy Leadership Team and the WVCC Executive Committee to provide guidance to the WVCC Executive Director and contractors on issues that require immediate action.

    The WVCC Board of directors will seek nominations for the Advocacy Committee from the membership, and will appoint members of the Committee in May of each year.  The WVCC Advocacy Committee will be staffed by the Executive Director, or their appointee.

    The WVCC Board of Directors will set forth policies/procedure by which the Advocacy Committee will consider issues and make recommendations to the WVCC Board of Directors  

    Committee Members Serving 2018-2020

    • Josh Jorgenson, Chair
    • JoEllen Colson, Vice Chair
    • Greg Oakes, Cashmere Valley Bank
    • Rachael Petro, Petro Solutions and Former CEO Alaska State Chamber
    • Jess Monette, Monette & Cawley, P.S.
    • Melanie Wilhoite, Wenatchee Power Sports
    • Joe Holeman, JDSA LAW
    • Jon Wyss, Gebber Farms
    • Robert Sandidge, RLS Productions LLC
    • Claudia DeRobles, Cashmere Valley Bank

    2019 Advocacy Committee Commitment is 1-3 hours per month depending on the time of year and level of involvement by the committee member. No previous legislative or policy experience is necessary. The commitment to Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization and willingness to provide perspective based on the committee member's area of expertise is all that is required. 

    The Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month from 7am to 8am. The committee meetings are conducted in person, and by telephone. During the legislative session, the committee also holds a weekly call with the WVCC’s lobbyist each Tuesday at 7:30am. The committee breaks into sub committees in June for 3-4 months to review policy areas and develop or revise the guiding principles. These are then presented to the Board in September and adopted in October.

    Note: Meetings may be conducted by conference call for some of these dates, or a call-in option may be added. This information will be provided to members in advance of each meeting.

    For past meeting minutes, information on current hot topics, agenda's and meeting packets please contact: jerri@wenatchee.org 


  • WVCofC Guiding Principles

    These principles guide our policies and decisions when faced with issues within their topic: