• Advocacy Committee

    The WVCC Board of Directors is looking for WVCC members in good standing to serve on a newly forming Advocacy Committee. The WVCC Advocacy Committee will assist the WVCC Board in advancing issues of vital importance to the business community and our Valley. The WVCC is a proponent for wise investment and sustainable policies that foster economic growth, enhance our regions competitiveness in all markets, global and local alike, and upholds our Valley’s quality of life. 

    Members interested in serving on the WVCC Advocacy Committee should contact Shiloh Schauer at shiloh@wenatchee.org by September 1st, 2017.

    Members of the WVCC Advocacy Committee will be responsible for:

    • Reviewing issues of importance to the business community and our Valley, and recommending actions which are approved by the Board of Directors for inclusion in the WVCC’s Public Policy and Advocacy Guiding Principles. These recommendations should uphold the organizations mission and vision, and reflect the WVCC’s core values. The Guiding Principles will serve as the WVCC’s guide when communicating with elected officials and others who have the ability to impact decisions affecting our community.
    • Leading education efforts on issues and concerns that have an impact on the WVCC membership and the community
    • Serving as the host for the Coffee and Commerce events prior to the Washington Legislative Session and the Legislative Wrap-Up, subsequent the session. Both provide an opportunity for business leaders to communicate with legislators on key business and community issues.