• Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority a welcome addition to Valley

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    The business community of North Central Washington is celebrating a birth unlike any other in its history: The birth of the Chelan-Douglas Regional Port Authority, the first of its kind in Washington, and the result of the Jan. 1 merger between the Port of Chelan County and the Port of Douglas County.
    Both the Port of Douglas County and the Port of Chelan County have a long and fruitful history as members of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce. Now that the ports have merged into a Port Authority, that history will continue. Both the Port Authority and the Chamber are working together as partners to offer a broad variety of resources, services and knowledge for existing business seeking to gain a stronger foothold in our Valley.
    By being part of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Port Authority has a direct connection to hundreds of businesses and individuals with which and whom to work to help make this region’s business climate thrive.
    Just in 2020 alone, the Port Authority has a hefty portfolio of projects and goals on its agenda, and a strong focus on new business development, which seeks to bring and nurture new businesses that create new living-wage jobs and increase private sector investment.
    In this role, their partnership with the Chamber will also prove pivotal, as they can provide new businesses the knowledge they need to succeed. And that goes for communities as far as Entiat and Waterville, as well.  
    The creation of a Port Authority is a welcome addition to our region. The Chamber’s efforts toward improving our community’s quality of life and economic vitality has received a major boost thanks to the merging of the two ports into the premier economic development agency in the Valley.
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