• City of Wenatchee, Pedestrian Plan

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    In partnership with other community organizations and Wenatchee residents, the City of Wenatchee is developing a Pedestrian Master Plan with a goal to complete it by the end of this year, 2018.
    Over the next couple of months, the Steering Committee is working to hear from the Wenatchee community regarding, goals, policy, infrastructure, facilities, amenities, programs and any other comments they would like to provide.
    We have the Walkable Wenatchee Survey available in both English and Spanish that is ready to be shared and completed by anyone a part of the Wenatchee community (resident or stakeholder).
    In addition to the survey, the committee is partnering with organizations for a “let us meet you where you are” feedback session. This format allows community member to share their insight, ask questions and be informed at a date, time and place that is most accommodating to them. Whether it is a community group, staff meeting, public event or focus group, all feedback is valuable and greatly appreciated.
    I am excited to work with our partners to ensure that the voice of the community is comprehensively represented in the plan. Please let me know if you or your organization would be willing to host a feedback session for the Pedestrian Plan. If you have an recommendations on events or partners that would be interested in providing feedback, please share a name and contact information so we can get connected!
    With your help we can ensure that we have a Walkable Wenatchee.

    Brooklyn Holton
                        City of Wenatchee
                        Housing and Community Planner
                        E-mail: bholton@wenatcheewa.gov
                        Phone: (509) 888-3258
                        Address: 1350 McKittrick Street
                                           PO BOX 519
                                           Wenatchee, WA 98807-0519
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