• Comfort Suites offers support to fire victims

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    Hi this is Steven & Tanya Tramp from the Comfort Suites Hotel in Wenatchee. In light of the Rocky Reach Fire announced on Friday/Saturday July 14, 2018, and in the event of evacuation, we would like to extend the services of our hotel to any evacuees and victims at no cost to them. Until such time as the emergency is over. From our family and team to yours, our prayers are with you.


    Our task force coordinator is Linda Cox; who will handle any and all coordination of complimentary rooms. Furthermore the Comfort Suites has set up a food donation area in the lobby of the hotel for anyone needing food or wanting to donate.


    We will donate every available room on a per case basis until every evacuated family has safe lodging, or until the hotel is full.


    Task force coordinator Linda will be available at hotel during the hours of 10 am – 2 pm daily, until this crisis is over. Please be sure to contact Linda for your lodging and food needs.


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