• LocalTel's work keeps the Valley connected

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    Keeping the Valley connected is the goal of LocalTel.
    Everything, from its telephone service, internet service, and TV station, sets this company’s sights on bringing NCW communities together.
    Growing alongside huge changes in technology, LocalTel keeps adding new services and features, like NCWLife TV station and the SureStream streaming TV service and a streaming app so subscribers can watch their favorite content from anywhere there is internet service.
    The main focus of the company has been treating its customers well, using that time-honored tool we all learned when we were children: The Golden Rule, providing exemplary customer service in several counties, including a new office in Moses Lake. The company once known as ComputerLand, changed its name to LocalTel and that was not by accident. They think local, they hire local and they work hard to serve local communities and keep jobs and dollars around as well.
    North Central Washington’s leading internet service provider, LocalTel has grown its reach over the past 15 years, partnering with other local companies to continue offering new and improved services to the area, like SkyFi Wireless, a high-speed service for areas unable to get fiber technology.
    Key to this fascinating, challenging and rewarding journey is to grow and change to meet the needs of business and people. LocalTel offers a wide variety of services, all with the purpose of uniting and connecting North Central Washington to the world.
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