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    In the last few years, the City of Wenatchee Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department has boasted some major improvements in our local recreation scene. The city pool now has updated locker rooms, several parks are now equipped with high definition security cameras for safety, the first phase of the Hale Park project was completed, and the Saddle Rock Gateway officially opened, giving one of our valley’s most beloved hiking trails parking, restrooms and additional seating areas.

    What many people don’t realize is the time and energy that go into making these projects a reality. There are multiple steps involved in a single project--initial plan creation, acquisition of funds and contract bidding to name a few. Each of these steps often involve months of patient waiting, measuring the entire span of most City Park’s projects in years.


    Dave Erickson, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director for the City of Wenatchee, is the lead on all of these projects. One of his biggest responsibilities is coordinating the acquisition of state and federal funding. Over his tenure as director, he has secured over six million dollars in grant funding for park acquisition and development projects. This impressive figure contributes to several projects on the horizon for the City of Wenatchee. Below is a list of additions and renovations to get excited about in the coming months and years:


    This summer:


    Skyline Drive Overlook- installation of security cameras and a safety light.

    Lincoln Park- installation of new 30 ft x 50 ft picnic shelter.  


    In the next 2-3 years:


    Kiwanis Methow Park- complete renovation of the park to include an enclosed micro soccer field, basketball court, skatepark elements, shaded playground, kiosko, restrooms, community garden and a formal “community marketplace” set-up.

    Hale Park (phase two)- addition of a picnic shelter, playground, skate park, and restrooms.


    In the next 3-5 years (funding dependent):


    Lincoln Park- complete renovation of the park to include parking lot improvements, fenced and tree-lined street borders, full size soccer field, a bmx pump track, new open-concept playground equipment, splash pad, restrooms, and a new, more easily-accessible amphitheater

    Memorial Park- complete update of electrical system to accommodate community events, renovation of current fountain, installation of “Mayor’s Hall of Fame” walkway, creation of a permanent stage area, and placement of color-changing LED lights in surrounding trees

    Wenatchee City Pool- replacement of old pool liner

    Saddle Rock remediation- clean up project to remove piles of waste rock with improvements to follow along entire trail

    Corner of Okanogan and Yakima Streets- creation of a park on newly-acquired city land; specific elements still in preliminary planning phase   


    The City Parks Department also plays a supporting role with projects engineered by other entities. This summer, Wenatchee can expect to see expanded parking and a new picnic shelter on the Maple Street side of Rotary Park, a project primarily funded and constructed by the Rotary Club. Also this summer, the city’s Public Works Department plans to build a plaza with shade trees, bench seating and an attractive “Welcome” sign for those drivers coming west over the George Sellar Bridge at the intersection of Stevens and Mission Street.   


    In addition to the acquisition and development of our local parks, Erickson also oversees the booming recreation and arts programs offered to all ages with appeal to a variety of interests. Those who are interested in getting involved should check out the Spring/Summer 2018 Recreation Guide in print or online at www.wenatcheewa.gov/services/parks-recreation-and-cultural-services

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