• Regional Bicycle Advisory Committee launches "Bike Buddy"

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    Are you nervous about biking to work? Interested in biking to the grocery store? We can help! Members of the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council's Regional Bicycle Advisory Committee are available as a resource to you! They will be your Bike Buddy to answer questions and help you feel more confident bicycling around town.
    Here's how it works:

    1. Sign up online at www.bikewenatcheevalley.org
    2. Meet your Bike Buddy!
        You and your Bike Buddy can call or email before you meet in person. Once you meet, your Bike Buddy can help you:

    • Plan a route to and from your workplace
    • Learn about bringing bikes on buses
    • Find bike maintenance and bike gear resources 
    • Answer your questions (no question is too basic)
    3. Ride to work with your Bike Buddy
    • A practice ride can be on a weekend so you don't have the pressure of arriving to work on time.
    4. Congrats! You're now a Bike Commuter. Enjoy! 
    • Your Bike Buddy is an ongoing resource.

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