• Washington State Tourism Update - we did it!

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    Yesterday at 2:37pm, Governor Jay Inslee signed SB 5251 into law. This moment is the result of seven years of hard work and tenacity by the tourism industry in Washington State.  Even when faced with immense obstacles, our WTA board members, legislative team, supporters and advocates never wavered in their determination to make this happen. We cannot thank you enough for your support!
    With a marketing plan in hand and a bill now signed, our real task has just begun. However, to make our marketing plan a reality, there are still steps to be taken before we can begin. As you'll read in the article below, the first step is selecting the Washington Tourism Marketing Authority (WTMA) board, and that process will take place over the next few months. Once the WTMA is established, the industry will need to provide two dollars to access every dollar of state funding. While the WTMA will determine the different ways match funding can be raised, membership will remain an important way to support the WTA.
    The challenge to reestablish a statewide tourism effort inspired the industry to come together in a way it never has before. In this new chapter, we must continue to build upon our strong partnerships. Every sector of our industry, from every region of our state, has worked together over the past seven years, and we will continue to count on that unity moving forward. We are excited for what's to come and look forward to working together to build a marketing program that will make Washington proud!
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