• Careers After School

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    The purpose of Careers After School (CAS) is to help students and their support networks discover occupations and training pathways through enriching career-connected learning events held on-site at local businesses. During CAS business and industry partners provide valuable information, hands-on activities and connections to better equip our youth as they make plans for the future.

    Connecting students to our local business community initiates a mutually beneficial relationship that gives businesses the opportunity to actively engage with the workforce of tomorrow, laying the groundwork for future success.

    The Details

    • Hosting Business must be a member of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce.
    • The audience for this event is sixth through twelfth graders, their parents and educators.
    • CAS event dates and times are based on business host availability. The event should be two hours in length and ideally would take place between 5-7pm.
    • The size of this event will be up to 25 attendees and registrations are based on a ”first-come first-served” system.
    • The Chamber and Wenatchee Learns Connect will create an info sheet which outlines the careers that will be highlighted as well as the education/training that is required for each. This will be a take away for the students
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      Careers After School Dental
    • CAS-2.jpg
      Careers After School Dutch Bros
    • CAS-3.jpg
      Careers After School Dental 2
    • CAS-4.jpg
      Careers After School Merrill
    • CAS-5.jpg
      Careers After School Stemilt
    • CAS-6.jpg
      Careers After School Stemilt 2
    • CAS-7.jpg
      Careers After School CPUD Fiber
    • CAS-8.jpg
      Careers After School Graphic Design
    • CAS-9.jpg
      Careers After School Graphic Design 2
    • CAS-10.jpg
      Careers After School Cascade Vet
    • CAS-11.jpg
      Careers After School Cascade Vet 2
    • CAS-12.jpg
      Careers After School Cascade Vet 3