• Volunteer Firefighters

    Chelan County Fire District 1
    Job Description
    Chelan County Fire District 1 is currently and actively seeking Volunteer Firefighters. 
    There are four different classifications of Volunteer within the organization.  The department is recruiting for all classifications.
    1] Volunteer Firefighter [combat]
    2] Resident Volunteer Firefighter [combat/student]
    3] Reserve Firefighter [non-combat]
    4] Support Personnel
    Chelan County Fire District 1 is an “all risk” fire department.  We respond to all types of emergencies including structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle fires, hazardous materials incidents and medical emergencies.  Because of the wide range of services provided to our community, we strive to provide all the necessary training needed to serve.  Our personnel are expected to be physically fit and mentally prepared to meet these many challenges and demands.
    You will find that participation as a Volunteer member of our organization will bring personal reward and satisfaction, raise self-esteem, and provide you with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride for a job well done. It will also provide your community with a valuable service that has the potential to touch us all.
    Applications are available a Fire Station 10 [downtown Wenatchee/Headquarters] and online at chelancountyfire.com
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